For a few magical weeks, Wallpaper* shifted operational HQ to Brazil. We had a single aim: to produce as true a portrait as possible of an extraordinary country at an extraordinary moment of transition. We saw, shot, talked, walked, taxied, ate, drank, danced, and now our Born in Brazil issue has finally hit the shelves. 
But the pace of change in Brazil is too great to be pinned down in a single issue. Over the coming weeks, will be keeping track by adding more news, videos, interviews and insights, to give you as wide a view as possible of the most exciting country on earth. Keep checking back to discover more.


by Angelica Kitchen


Created by conductor, composer, arranger and saxophonist Letieres Leite, in 2006, the Letieres Leite & Orkestar Rumpilezz, is a group of five percussionists and fifteen instruments of breath, where the compositions is designed from the rhythmic designs of the bahian universe of percussion. 
The compositions are inspired by the beats of the “Orixás" (saints) of the afro brazilian cult of “Candomblé", as well as the great percussion communities such as the “Ilê Aiyê” ,”Olodum“ and “Sambas do Recôncavo”,  among other references rhythmic.  
The drummers are the players who accompanied by an orchestra of breath, bring a formation of the next BIG BANDS, being conceived in a current style, with influence of jazz, where the improvisations also marked presence. That are associated with the film trails. 
In the compositions, melodic inspirations seek to be faithful to the rhythmic cells in which the instruments of breath also play a role of percussion. The arrangement and compositions are unpublished and signed by Letieres Leite. ¨I was very impressed with the grandeur of the music of Rumpilezz. I'm sure that the world will be chapfallen with the complexity of the ideas of Letieres¨. Ed Motta told.